At your request we can develop and produce multi-ply paper bags with the original design of the possible use of white paper and paper impregnated with waterproof.
This paper packaging will ensure the safety of the product during transport, protect it from moisture and contamination.
Capability of the four colors on the bags, label them allows logos, packaging signs, information on the number and designation of the product contained therein, the instructions for its use.
In this case, sacks and bags, attracting the attention of consumers have not only a function of packaging, but also the function of advertising media, make the product more competitive.
The basic design of bags: Paper bags for dry mixes. Paper bags for packaging of 1, 2, 3, 5 kg of a mixture of construction.
Printing: It is possible to apply printing in 1, 2, 3 or 6-color and full color.
Paper: Manufacturing of packages of brown kraft paper density of 70 g/m2 or white kraft paper density (depending on size) 70, 80, 90 g/m2
Manufacturing of custom packages in 2 layers.
In this case, the package versions are:
1. the outer layer of white kraft paper, internal - from brown kraft paper (density of 70 g/m2);
2. inner and outer layers of brown kraft paper (density of 70 g/m2).