The popular packages, which are known for its high level of environmental friendliness, hygiene and practicality. Some of the devices used paper tableware - paper cups.
This is a full container, which, moreover, has a fairly presentable (as opposed to plastic cups).
Paper cups are made of laminated paper with density from 120 to 280 g/m2.
Thus, in some countries for disposable cups are used as bi-laminated paper (for hot drinks) and a one-sided - for cold drinks.
The size of this package can also be varied.
Thus, the company "PP" Parshykova "" produces paper cups with a capacity 110 ml (used mostly for coffee) 175 ml (utensils for tea) cups of 250 ml (for a variety of drinks, juices), 340 ml and 500 ml beakers (for popcorn, ice cream, etc.)
By the way, the process of making this dish quite elementary.
You need a sheet of paper (or laminated), which is wound on a special form, then a sheet of welded seam, and remove the cone, which was formed as a result of these manipulations, welded bottom.
Everything - the glass is ready! Of course, the sheet of paper, which originally wound, may already be with the images, advertisements, etc.
Paper cups - a non-standard advertising medium, which in recent years have increasingly used not only world-famous companies (such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks ...).
Due to the material, which is used for the manufacture of such containers, the glasses can easily be applied whatever, different printing methods.