Design development advertising, booklets, leaflets, paper and cardboard packaging.

Offcet printing format of the B-1 (700*1000), 6 colors + varnish.

UV-Varnish - application to the impression of the lacquer under the influence of the UV-Radiation to give shine and protection from external influence.

Foil with relief - embossing dies, creating a convex image similar to the bas-relief.

Die-cutting - cutting of printed products with a sharp honed atamp. Cutting can be of any configuration.

Folding and gluing - bending of the printed sheet products in the longitudinal and transverse direction in accordance with a given type of final product with the application of the adhesive.

 Selection of sheet, folding and stitching.

Lamination - ennobling application edition printing sheet on the surface of the polymer melt methods.

Cutting - cutting the division of prints, paper or paperboard sheets into separate parts specified formats.

Production of paper bags 1, 2, 3 layers with the bottom: the flour from the 100 g to 6 kg, for tea, dry mixes from 1 to 6 kg  of charcoal.

Producting of paper bags without a bottom baking of "Sasha".